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We custom-finish surfaces in accordance with customers' wishes.






There's nothing we can't finish

In a world full of standards, specialists want experts who will make personalised surface ideas become reality. At Roos & Roos, we work with international fittings manufacturers, architects, planners and customers to develop new surfaces for existing products. We're also more than willing to develop them entirely in line with your specific requirements.

We have completely swept away the limits for surface possibilities. So interior designers can get every part with precisely the coating they want, individualists can get their favourite piece in gold and companies can get everything in the colour of their corporate design: from furniture handles to furniture fittings.

More and more product manufacturers, for example in the bathroom or kitchen sector, are facing growing demands from consumers for personalised and highly sophisticated designs. 

As a workshop with extended industrial production facilities, we coat even large series runs comprising several tens of thousands of parts every year in the same high quality as each unique piece.

Brushed Copper

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