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General notes

Guarantee and care
Replaced parts become our property. We offer a 2-year guarantee on our high-quality coatings. We accept no liability for damaged caused by unsuitable and improper use, incorrect installation and commissioning by the purchaser or a third party, natural wear and tear, failed or negligent cleaning, improper handling or maintenance, unsuitable cleaning agents or damage cause by any other chemical influences. We essentially recommend wiping the articles dry after every use with a soft cloth. For light soiling, the fitting can be cleaned with soap and a damp cloth.
For care, we recommend a special, acid-free cleaning agent that we have tested and which can be ordered from us via specialist retailers by specifying article number 186171 (page 119 in the price list 2018).
Neutral and alkaline cleaning agents are ideal. Please avoid using cleaning agents containing hydrochloric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, phosphorus or sodium hypochlorite-based substances, as well as any abrasive scourers or scrubbers. Parts that are used in swimming pools, saunas or on board ships must be specially requested due to the particular air and water conditions. Failure to comply with the care instructions may invalidate any warranty claims. Ask Roos & Roos about prices for any articles that are not listed.

Conditions of payment
Net payment must be received within 14 days.

The reconditioning of old fittings entails additional costs as a result of paint removal, metal removal, grinding and polishing. We also replace aerators, waste fittings, valves and cartridges. Therefore the following factor must be considered for the reconditioning of old fittings: Gross price x 1.6
We are happy to carry out further work such as the soldering of new pipe groups, the unscrewing of valve seats or the production of small replacement parts following consultation and a determination of the price with you.

Polishing costs

The processing of old, second-hand or stainless steel parts incurs polishing costs, the extent of which can only be determined following inspection of the parts.

Colour nuances
As a result of a range of different components and different substrate properties, slight colour differences can occur that do not constitute grounds for complaint.

Packaging and shiping costs

Germany 7,50 €/package up to 30 kg

Other EU 12,00 €/package up to kg

Sample order
Pipe odour trap for washbasin in fine brass colour: Order No. 101572EM

We essentially do not accept returns of goods that we have supplied. If, following prior written agreement in individual cases, we state we are willing to do so, a processing fee amounting to 25% of the value of the item shall be charged, with the sum not being less than EUR 15 plus VAT.
Returns can only be processed if they are accompanied by our delivery note and invoice number.

For cancelled orders, a processing fee of € 40.00 / hour may be charged.


Complete prices
Pages 18 - 98 in the price list 2018

Coating prices
Pages 100 - 117 in the price list 2018

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